M:Tier's OpenBSD packages

Why subscribe?

Because we build the packages so you don't have to. Building a package takes time, and time is money. Therefore, you don't have the time to keep an eye on the mailinglists and manually build and distribute updates.

We build hundreds of packages per year. Some packages take just a few minutes to build, others take hours. We are saving you a lot of wasted working hours. And this doesn't even include testing and distributing them.

We will only contact you via signed e-mails and our packages are also signed. This way you can verify and be sure that what's provided on this site is secured and trusted.

Currently we will notify you on the provided e-mail address, but in the future we may extend this service to other communication channels too.

Note, that when you have subscribed you can also enable Long Term Support (LTS), please read on for more information.

Why subscribe for Long Term Support

By subscribing to our Long Term Support service you will enjoy OpenBSD packages built from security and stability backports. Just like subscribers to our free plan we will notify you by e-mail when a new pacakge has been tested and released.

When you sign up for LTS you are eligible for professional support depending on your plan. For more details please refer to the table on the right side of this page.

To summarize the above information:

Release Ports
7.3 Free
7.2 LTS
7.1 on request

When OpenBSD 7.4 will be released, this rotates into:

Release Ports
7.4 Free
7.3 LTS
7.2 on request

So make your life even easier, subscribe and stay notified!

LTS updates (premium plan)

When you are a premium subscriber you will also get access to our backported LTS updates for OpenBSD packages.

To be able to enroll in premium subscriptions, you have to subscribe to our system first.

Available subscription plans

Name Included  Pricing * Support
Bronze 6.3 € 60 None
Silver 6.3 € 100 2 hours
Gold 6.3 + 6.4 € 110 None
Platinum 6.3 + 6.4 € 400 5 hours

Bronze/silver: 6 months; gold/platinum: 12 months.
* All prices inclusive of prevailing UK VAT rate.

Custom plans are available upon request, please contact us if you are interested in an LTS plan tailored to your situation.

Payments are made with PayPal, however you don't have to have a PayPal account to pay with creditcard.